Cross Assembly in Raleigh, North Carolina, pastored by Chad Harvey, is sending a team of dedicated workers with a tremendous servant heart to Albania to minister among our national Assemblies of God fellowships. Led by Pastor Dale Tracy, they will focus on prayer, outreach, and church ministry in the cities of Durres, Fllake, Tirana, Sukth, Shkallnur, and Divjake.

Through power evangelism and compassion ministry, they will share the gospel in people’s homes, pray for the sick, and bless the poor with food packages. Among the churches, they will share about the personal transformation they have experienced as followers of Christ, preach the Word of God with passion and conviction, and pray for God to release his power and perform miracles.

Cross Assembly has been a generous partner sending teams to Albania for many years, and we are praying for God to call workers from this church to join our team in the Balkans.

Pray for this team to make a powerful impact in each city, to stay healthy, and to bring God maximum glorify through their obedience and faith.