The BalkanREACH one-year training center in Tirana, Albania, has been designed with six essential goals in mind.

To instill godliness and character formation in you through modeling, mentoring, and coaching

We will endeavor to set an example that is worthy of being followed and provide you with life-giving instruction and leadership that will be transformative and beneficial to you. Strong emphasis will be placed on developing Christlike character, because it is the foundation for success in life and ministry.

To provide field-based, relevant ministry training and experience in the Balkan context

We want you to know and experience God, sharpen your people skills, develop emotional and relational intelligence, understand and engage in context-specific culture, learn your target language, and gain biblical and ministerial competence. 

To model healthy team ministry and community life

Learning how to work in a team takes real-life experience, which our training experience will afford you. You will learn how to give of yourself, serve humbly, work cooperatively, honor  authority, and much more. 

To form, train, and release church planters and church planting teams

The most effective way to reach the masses is through bold evangelism and church planting, which are our highest ministry priorities. When you move to your target location, we believe that you will be prepared to join an existing church planting team or start a new team of your own.

To impart the importance of lifelong theological, language, and cultural learning

It is not possible for you to learn everything you need to know for life and ministry on the field in just one year. However, it is possible for you to gain lifelong learning skills that will develop you as a missionary throughout your time of service. Our training center will endeavor to provide a well-rounded, profitable experience in many fields of learning that will equip you for effective living and service on the field.

To develop healthy principles and practices of a balanced ministry and personal life

Life is never easy, but the stresses of missionary life on the field are amplified. From our experience and longevity on the field, we will share principles and practices that will help you not only survive but thrive. Whether married or single, you can learn to balance your personal life and ministry and remain healthy for a lifetime of service.